You Need Auto Insurance, it’s Essential

March 30, 2015

You need auto insurance! Imagine, you’re having a fantastic day. You just got off work. Your boss brought you into his office earlier in the day to pat you on the back and give you a raise and promotion, something you had been hoping and dreaming about for the past couple of years. Your family is ready and waiting for you to get home so you can go and celebrate. This evening will be absolutely as perfect as the day has been. Then you see a bright light. Somehow you swerved into the other lane when you went to switch your music even though you only looked down for a second. You begin honking your horn but they aren’t moving. You are both trapped. There’s nowhere for either of you to go. You feel helpless as you slam head on into the vehicle coming from the opposite direction. Thankfully you have your seat belt on though you are in pain as the impact settles. Something in you doesn’t feel quite right. From your driver window the other vehicle is a complete mess. And then you come to a realization. You don’t have insurance. You meant to look into it but time just kept getting away from you as you were busy with life’s obligations and responsibilities. Money has been tight also but now with this promotion you were going to be able to sign up next week. Flashing before you is massive fear and anxiety. How are you going to possibly pay for what has just happened? The celebration that was waiting for you at the end of the day has vanished. Now your life, your future is all about to change….

Unfortunately the above story is an all too real possibility for those that choose or don’t think they can afford automobile insurance. The truth of the matter is although you cannot afford to go without insurance; it only takes a moment for something to happen. In the blink of an eye lives can change and it could be your fault. Of course you always hope for the best but you should also prepare for the worst so if it ever does happen, you are covered.

Several Reasons Why You Need Auto Insurance
There are several reasons why you need to have automobile insurance. First off, should you get into an accident, are you able to replace your vehicle should it be totaled? Or, say it’s not totaled and just needs repairs. I don’t know if you have been to a car shop lately – car repairs are not cheap by any means. By having insurance you will be safeguarding your vehicle investment. Without a car, how are you going to get to work? If you can’t get to work how will you keep your job? How will you pick up the kids? These are some very important questions to ask yourself. And what about the other person’s vehicle? If you were the cause of the accident then you aren’t only responsible for your vehicle but also for the other person’s as well. Are you ready to purchase two new cars?

Another reason for having automobile insurance is to be able to pay for any medical bills after an accident. We all know that going to the hospital or emergency room ads up fast from the moment the ambulance comes to the scene. You can easily see a $10,000 bill at your door and that’s if nothing serious is wrong. Just think about if you have a passenger with you and the other vehicle has four passengers. That means you could potentially have to pay for 6 or more individuals medical bills. That is an overwhelming thought.

Without insurance, you could find yourself in a costly lawsuit if the accident was your fault. Not only will this cause financial stress, and financial ruin to a lot of people, but the process in itself can be very stressful and traumatic for your family and those around you. If you don’t have the money to pay for the new car, hospital bills, and potential lawsuit you could lose your home, retirement funds, stocks or bonds, investments and anything else of value to pay for the accident. As we mentioned earlier, it only takes a moment for an entire life or lives to change. You need auto insurance!

States Requiring Minimum Auto Insurance

April 19, 2015
Alabama 25/50/25
Alaska 50/100/25
Arizona 15/30/10
Arkansas 25/50/15
California 15/30/5
Colorado 25/50/15
Connecticut 20/40/10
Delaware 15/30/5
District of Columbia 10/25/5
Florida No-Fault State. No bodily injury coverage unless convicted of D.U.I.
Georgia 25/50/25
Hawaii 20/40/10
Idaho 20/50/15
Illinois 20/40/15 [January 1, 2015 – 25/50/20][22]
Indiana 25/50/10
Iowa 20/40/15
Kansas 25/50/10
Kentucky 25/50/10
Louisiana 15/30/25
Maine 50/100/25
Maryland 30/60/15 [23]
Massachusetts 20/40/5
Michigan 20/40/10
Minnesota 30/60/10
Mississippi 25/50/25
Offers vehicle owners an option to post bonds or cash.[24]
Missouri 25/50/10
Montana 25/50/10
Nebraska 25/50/25
Nevada 15/30/10
New Hampshire Personal Responsibility Only
New Jersey 15/30/5
New Mexico 25/50/10
New York 25/50/10
North Carolina 30/60/25
North Dakota 25/50/25
Ohio 20/50/25 (REVISED 12/22/13)
Oklahoma 25/50/25
Oregon 25/50/20
Pennsylvania 15/30/5
Rhode Island 25/50/25
South Carolina 25/50/25
South Dakota 25/50/25
Tennessee 25/50/10
Texas 30/60/25
Utah 25/65/15
Vermont 25/50/10
Virginia 25/50/20[14]
And offers uninsured motor vehicle fee
Washington 25/50/10
West Virginia 20/40/10
Wisconsin 25/50/10
Wyoming 25/50/20

*Source: Wikipedia